Did you know that Lizabeth Scott recorded a straight-up vocal album in the late 50s? Or that she was probably Hal Wallis's longtime mistress? Or that she was likely Mrs. Robinson to Elvis Presely's Benjamin in 1957 when they made the immortal "Loving You", which was produced by...Hal Wallis? (She was born in 1921, the Hound Dog man was born in 1935. Scandale.) Or that she was even alive until February of this year when she passed away at the age of 93?

If you don't know who I'm talking about, read this quite elaborate Wikipedia bio of the smoky-voiced, gorgeously dangerous noir-chick. And while you do so, listen to (at least a little of) the above album, in gorgeously dangerous stereo which your computer won't help you with at all.

But best of all, dig this fact: in the mid-fifties the notorious 'Confidential Magazine' began a non-stop assault on Scott's penchant for hanging around the 'sapphic sex' and the 'baritone babes' (she did seem to have a lot of dike friends) which resulted in a police bust that involved Scott, another couple and an underage woman. The event can be read about in detail in the above Wiki article. But the best part, in my synergistic opinion, is that the house in which the bust happened was in the Hollywood Hills at 8142 Laurel View Dr. The same house that I posted about Marlon Brando living--and being interviewed in by Edward R. Murrow--in 1954...and the same house that was recently on the market for 3.5 mil.

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