Look what I found. It's a segment from Edward R. Murrow's 'Person To Person' TV program featuring Marlon Brando being interviewed in the house that's currently for sale and that I posted about yesterday (scroll down, kiddo, scroll down). The year is 1955 and it's just a few days after Brando won his Oscar for 'On The Waterfront'. The exterior of the house is pictured and is exactly the same as in the photos currently on display. The interview begins in the garden, where Brando treats us to the nighttime view from his patio. From there we move inside to the massive sunken living room, also pictured in yesterdays link. Brando's father shows up and is most unpleasant--Murrow asks him if he's proud of his son and the bastard actually answers, "As an actor, no. As a son, yes." Jesus.

The offscreen sound of beating conga drums interrupts the interview. Brando apparently has a musician friend stashed in the basement. He leads us down to the mysterious room beneath the living room (possibly the room that's shown in the brochure as the wine celler?), where we're treated to a long, boring conga duet. The interview ends there and so does our tour of 8142 Laurel View Drive, in the year of our lord 1955.

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  1. Yeah, he's already Marlon screwing with the press a little (the chinaman story).

  2. Wow! My Dad owned this house and brought me to it after I was born... it was where I took my first steps. A few years later Brando bought it (in the video he was apparently only renting it.) I heard stories about the jungle room downstairs with the tiger painting, but never saw what it looked like until this video! I was also told there was a pictorial in some magazine of the period of Brando's house, but never have found it... hopefully some day.