Moving forward (or backward depending on your taste) with our new year of comedy--and this is being written on the day that Donald Trump said that Stephen K. Bannon had 'lost his mind'--here is a rare Stern Show clip of the notorious interview with Gilda Radner, which led to her leaving the studio in tears. It's hard, at this distance, to understand what went wrong--Stern isn't at all insulting, is only mildly salacious and plugs her book and appearances quite a bit. But this is from the early 80s--his 'Peacock Years' at NBC-- and not a lot of people were interviewing celebrities in quite this fashion. Radner was also, it turns out, suffering from the cancer that would kill her at this time and apparently had other health/mental/addictive issues...so maybe she just wasn't having the best day. But she does indeed walk out of the studio without a word, leaving a stunned and bemused Stern who, years later, said that he wished he could take this one back and have another shot at interviewing Gilda. Take what back, though? See what you think and n'joy...assuming the year, thus far, hasn't caused you to lose your mind...

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