Click here to discover the charming and informative blog of veteran television director Ralph Senensky (pictured above...duh.) He may not be a name that pure cineastes bandy about, but if you've stared at filmed television shows of the past fifty plus years as relentlessly as I have, his is a name that you'll recognize as having flashed across your TV screen--in some cases multiple times a day depending on syndication schedules of old TV shows. 'Star Trek', 'Dr. Kildare', 'Twilight Zone', 'Partridge Family', 'Suspense Theater', 'Hart To Hart'--those shows account for roughly one one-hundredth of Senensky's filmography. Apparently he is alive and well and connected (in an internetish kind of way) and, at 94, continues to blog his vast life experience for us. Enjoy.

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