Dig a live radio remote from the premiere of Judy Garland's 1954 "A Star Is Born", featuring the voices of Judy Garland, Moss Hart (who wrote the script) and Kitty Carlisle (Hart's wife). Moss Hart sounds like a man playing the role of a playwright named Moss Hart and compares Judy with Gertrude Lawrence (who starred in Hart's "Lady In The Dark"--and who was the subject of Monday's post--sort of--which somehow led to Alexander Woolcott which then led to George S. Kaufman who was Hart's writing partner for years...stop me!!) Jinx Faulkenberg (who sounds like an actress playing the role of a hostess named Jinx Faulkenberg) is the hostess and she asks Judy (who sounds like Judy Garland) if her daughter Liza (then an unknown so we don't know what she sounded like) has seen the film yet. Turns out she hadn't.

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