Ha. Got you with that tweet, didn't I? Yeah, I'm posting a Ferrante and Teichner album of the 'greatest movie love themes ever'. You want to make something of it? In searching for a new artistic venture to pour my exhausted self into, I've been enjoying 'easy listening' piano albums of the 1950s, 60s and 70s. Why shouldn't they make a comeback? I don't mean in some snarky hipper-than-thou 'aren't-we-having-fun-doing-retro-art' kind of way. I mean good old-fashioned two-piano albums (must be on vinyl, natch) accompanied by lush strings, exotic horns, harps, peculiar percussion etc. I see it as a natural extension of the odd popularity now enjoyed by Michael Buble and Jamie Cullum, the latter of whom was/is a straight up jazz guy who seems to have grabbed onto a wave of populist musical enjoyment. Art is all about cycles and why shouldn't this once-popular style be revived? And if so, who better to revive it than a burnt out filmmaker who owns multiple pianos and doesn't really have any other marketable skills? Why not me? Huh? Why why why why why not me, dammit?!

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