As always, I promised to blog the making of a movie and, as has become something of a habit, I have immediately failed to fulfill the promise. First of all, I'm dead tired from the get-go. Even if I had time to write and/or post pictures and stuff every day, I would be hard pressed to concentrate the effort necessary to do so.  But ultimately the big reason not to bother is: who cares?

Let me explain. Having over twenty years of doing this, I've ceased to find the work glamorous or even basically fun in any way. What it is is satisfying...but only when you start to see it come together. The shooting of a film is essentially a footage-collection process. Me and the crew are basically a gigantic recording device capturing the actors who are inhabiting the roles that will eventually be seen as a representation of reality that tells a story that is hopefully believable, coherent, moving, funny or whatever. (Hate that last word. But I used it to my discredit and thus will let it stand as a warning to myself). What I'm getting at is that deconstructing the process of making the film is all well and good for youthful enthusiasts but is no longer something that I find interesting as a grizzled veteran. It's the construction of the film that is now my focus. Thus the set is not a place for exuberant joy for me but a workplace where I will either collect the correct material or fail to collect it. Nobody wants a failed film. I take it for granted that you don't, whoever you are. So I prefer to focus entirely on thinking of the finished product instead.

So instead of blogging the making of my movie, I'd rather post finished sequences of other movies that are, for me, perfectly constructed results of the footage collection process. Thus my previous post (scroll down, Einstein) or Peckilnpah's brilliant and stirring battle sequence from 'Cross Of Iron' and the above final showdown from George Steven's 'Shane'. Enjoy! Or should I say, 'Confefe!"

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