Yesterday I posted a segment of an in-depth interview with Lee Marvin that was conducted a year before his death in 1987. Here he discusses the legendary director (and co-head of the notorious Cannon Films) Menahem Golan, who directed Marvin's last film 'The Delta Force'. Marvin, who is reserved and almost taciturn through much of the interview, comes to life when discussing Golan, offering a hilarious impression of the Israeli entrepreneur/con artist/filmmaker. For a moment, Marvin the private citizen turns into Marvin the actor and then switches back to the former with nary a beat missed. He also tells a 'Donovan's Reef' John Ford story, during which he casually mentions a day when Ford came over and smelled Marvin suspiciously. "I might have had a couple of drinks," says Marvin retrospectively, giving the impression that this was a day of modest intake on the set for him. Don Siegel has plenty to say about Marvin's on-set drunkeness during the making of 'The Killers' in his autobiography 'A Siegel Film'. But that's for another time...

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