The Stardust. Betty Hutton. The Silver Slipper. Tony Martin. Wilbur Clarke's Desert Inn. Joe E. Lewis. Bugsy Siegel. Neon signs. A huge revolving neon slipper. Hot desert sidewalks. Thirst-inducing views. Bad swimming pools. Are we in hell? No. We're in Las Vegas in 1956, courtesy of the home movies of a nice chap named Ray Windstorm who at age 15 took a trip to then child-unfriendly resort with his parents, taking care to bring his 8mm camera and document the event. Nobody will ever convince me that the desert is anything but a horrific wasteland but at least its nice to see Vegas prior to the abominable 'family friendly' resort it's now become. And I'd never seen the 'Desert Inn' in live-action footage. I'd only known of it from the Noel Coward LP which I played until it was worn down to a nub, circa age ten/eleven/twelve. See below...

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