Above is an informative little ten-minute made-for-youtube doc concerning ten high-profile movies that never got released. It's a subject I find fascinating for some reason (Schaudenfreude perhaps? Am I really that low?) and as a result I've decided to revive my D.O.A. (Dead On Arrival) Film Festival, which I introduced in November of last year and promptly abandoned. The rules are quite simple: the film must have begun shooting (and not have been abandoned in prep) and needs to have a real budget and well-known actors. The above movies were actually finished and then locked away in embarrassment, which is a slightly different thing than our festival generally deals with but I'm thinking of expanding things along these lines. The difference between unfinished films and unreleased films is an important one--it's a disaster to close a movie down during production but there is the chance of an insurance recoupment assuming the producers had the good fortune of having one of the actors die after too much footage had been shot. But paying for the whole thing and then, upon viewing it, deciding to torch it is at best a dead loss. Either way it's a filmmakers worst nightmare. As always, the winner of the D.O.A. Palme D'Or will take home the 'Orson Welles Trophy for Best Incomplete Work.' Watch for more abandoned works over the coming weeks...if I don't decided to abandon the festival of abandonment, that is.

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