Above is a brief and dull little drive through LAX in the mid 1960s. Who shot it and why? My guess is that it's stock footage to be used for a rear projection sequence in an unidentified movie.  We begin with the arrivals section, facing east.  Does the sign on the left read 'Bonanza Airlines'? Who were they? A subject for further research, that's who. It's nice to see how little traffic there was back then. At one minute we see the iconic semi-arched air club thingy that to this day hovers mid-centuarily over the airport. Once again, as with yesterdays drive down Sunset, the air looks just as dirty and hazy as it does to this day.

Take two begins at 1:18 and starts a little further down. It clearly is intended to take us out of the airport, thus providing the filmmakers with a 'departures' view. Again the sky club thingy appears on the right and, after the big curving exit, we find ourselves on Century Blvd. which I'm sure you'll agree looks just as unappetizing then as it does now.

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