Above are two wild 60s Canada Dry commercials. The one featuring Ann Margret is from 1968 and manages to cover every mod, in, groovy, far out filmmaking style in one two-minute collage of trendiness. Ann is Ann, of course--she's beyond appealing. The big question raised for me is: what the hell was 'Wink' Cola? Clearly something that didn't have the staying power that Ginger Ale and Club Soda do. The commercial is so long that I wonder if it served as some sort of promo reel for Canada Dry conventions--the kind the company would throw annually for their salesman, all of whom would get blotto on Whisky and Gingers (or perhaps Vodka and Winks?)

The other commercial is a faux-noir narrated piece that I think has a secret agenda: as it pictures a number of swinging nighttime parties at which sexy people seem to only consume non-alcoholic bottles of Ginger Ale, it could very well be the secret work of a very hip temperance league. Enjoy and remember: the first gulps for thirst, the second gulps for kicks!

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