"Jackpot" (1975) starring Richard Burton, James Coburn and Charlotte Rampling was one week away from being completed when it shut down due to lack of funds.  The unfinished film was, according to this article, about a once famous but now forgotten actor who "suddenly wins an Academy Award".  Or was it? According to this article, Burton played an actor who "fakes a grave illness in order to cash in on an insurance scam."

Directed (almost) by Terence Young--he of the best three Bond movies and "Guns Of Navarone"--the movie was abandoned due to "financial difficulties". Or was it? Here's an article that says the movie finally got finished. So where is it? At some point Robert Mitchum was involved but he split early on (perhaps the financial difficulties had already begun?) to be replaced by Coburn while all the while Burton sat in a Vodka daze in his hotel room. Or did he? In the above very nice profile on the director, Young claims that Burton was sober during the shoot. Sober for Burton likely meant a crate of wine a day. Above is Burton talking about alcoholism, which somehow seems a perfectly suitable substitute for the lack of footage that exists from 'Jackpot". Where is it, anyway? In what vault lies the poor, aborted child of the Jet Set filmmaking troika? The D.O.A. film festival impatiently awaits its discovery...

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