Here's another piece of audio featuring George Cukor's distinctive voice only this time (unlike my UCLA audio posting of a couple of days ago) it's accompanied by a very nice visual. It's Marilyn Monroe swimming her ass off for a scene in her last, aborted film 'Somethings Got To Give', which Fox cancelled after three weeks due to Monroe's "illness" (translation: drug induced inability to get to work). I'll cover the unfinished film in more depth soon, but meanwhile listen carefully and see if you agree with the Youtuber who posted this that Cukor is swearing at Monroe.

We hear him call out instructions to Monroe in his raspy way, one of which appears to be to look at the lens. Then he either refers to "Buck" (who may be the camera operator). "Look at Buck. Buck! The lens!" Or does he tell Marilyn to "fuck the lens!" Though I think its the former, I love "fuck the lens" as a direction for Monroe, though she certainly didn't require it.
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