Above is a screen test Ann-Margret made for 20th Century Fox in 1961--this is literally just after George Burns saw her in the group act (the "Suttletones" or some such) that brought her out west, provoking Burns now immortal "you gotta come to Vegas with me, kid", one of the great career-starter lines in the annals of show-biz history.

As screen tests go, this is as hopeless as you can get--a non-set for a set, a badly framed medium shot with some other musicians sort of included sometimes, a clinical (at best) lighting job. (How did anyone ever get anywhere in Hollywood when this was the standard?) Yet Ann-Margrock dives in to "Won't You Come Home Bill Bailey" (even the material is questionable) with complete conviction, a lot of spunk, and those legs...those tights...that thing she does...

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  1. She happens to be shooting a film right now. After watching these clips tonight I am
    going to a Karaoke joint, joint so fifty's Got to love it. Will sing two Sinatra numbers
    Taking it a step further Jacket and tie. Just for the fun if it." I got you under me skin"
    and "It had to be you." I am not a singer but so easy with the words in front of me . Ciao