Look what I found. A very rare interview with legendary western/film noir/epic filmmaker Anthony Mann. I didn't know any footage existed of Mann speaking and his manner is not at all what I imagined. Something about his look in photographs (and the fact that his real name was Anton Bundsmann) gave me the impression that he was soft-spoken, a little European in sensibility, conniving in a subtle, continental sort of way. What the hell was I thinking? In spite of the name, he's a real old-school, tough-guy, machismo-styled guy, with a sharp delivery and a smokers voice. This interview was shot in England for a program called 'The Movies' (boy, they put their heads together on that title, didn't they...). It took place after he finished The Heroes Of Telemark' and Mann speaks of wanting to make a film that takes place 'in rooms'--in other words, not 'El Cid' or 'Fall Of The Roman Empire'. He started to make 'A Dandy In Aspic'--there's footage included here of him shooting on a London street--but a heart attack killed him in mid-production and the films star, Laurence Harvey, finished the flick.

Why am I thinking of Anthony Mann? He was born on June 30. So was I. This makes him a spiritual director/mentor to me, though I doubt I'll ever make a western.

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