Leaping ahead sixty-plus years and crossing the country in an airplane that had yet to be invented in the world we visited yesterday, lets take a drive down the Strip that time forgot. It's an evening in 1967 and somebody's decided to take their 16mm camera (at least it looks like 16--8mm wouldn't have been able to capture this as well), mount it in the rear window and then take a drive down Sunset, heading east. He starts rolling somewhere just outside of the Beverly Hills city limit, as the first thing we see is the sign for Doheny Rd. (The City National Bank building looms to the right, as it continues to do in the present day). The Strip has many wonderful nightclub signs of course, but I'm a little surprised at how many service businesses there are--a market, several gas stations, rent-a-car places. Then there are the cars and boy are there a lot of Camaros, then brand new. This charming three minute ride is followed by a fatally uninteresting one minute ride down Hollywood Blvd. which you are free to skip. And the music is dreadful--'I Can See For Miles' by The Who. Turn it off and replace it with something from the Sammy Davis Jr.-Count Basie album. Or Tony Bennett singing 'Smile' might work, in a melencholic, noirish kind of way.

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