Spike Milligan - last words

"Q" was a surreal TV comedy sketch show from Spike Milligan which ran from 1969 to 1982 on BBC2. There were six series in all, the first five numbered Q5-Q9 and a final series titled "THERES A LOT OF IT ABOUT". Though many found it to be more 'hit and miss' than Milligan's earlier work (especially The Goon Show), it is considered by many to be one of the landmarks in British comedy, with its surreal bent and almost stream-of-consciousness format clearly serving as a major inspiration for Monty Python. Indeed, the Pythons themselves remember that, after seeing Q5, they felt they needed a new hook for their as yet unaired show, as the format they had been intending to use had already been done to perfection by Milligan. Then, apparently, they decided that was a load of rubbish and proceeded to do their own version of 'Q'.

'Q' gave center stage to Milligan's freeform surreal wit. The sketches came thick and fast, running into one another, making outrageous leaps from one subject or location to another and often stopping with no apparent conclusion. Even the costumes were madcap and contradictory-in some episodes each of them still bore its BBC Wardrobe Department tag--and Milligan seemed to have a fondness for large noses and hats.

Below I've posted two very typical (if there can be said to be anything typical about this show) sketches from 'Q. The "Fresh Fruit Song" and "Irish Astronaut." Bon appetite...

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