It's a quick hop from Spike Milligan's "Laugh At A Cretin" to the Pythons brilliant "Upper Class Twit Of The Year" sketch, posted above. Does anyone remember the Python LPs? I had three of them in the mid-seventies--think I discovered Python via 'Cynics Choice' on KFAC, Sunday AM's, which means I experienced them first as an audio-only experience. And yet they were the same routines, albeit limited to the verbally based ones, which were done on the TV show as well, sans the awful laugh-track. I'm not entirely clear as to the why of this, but many English comedy shows were produced both for TV and radio, and I'm quite certain many of them were separate performances of the same routines. Strangely, I knew Benny Hill first via radio broadcasts of his show--the TV show didn't come to US syndication until the late seventies. Thus I missed the real 'meat' of his show--the speeded up sketches depicting nude tennis games, sexy doctors office visits, the strange little man who he abused etc. Similarly, it was a while before I experienced the brilliant physical humor of the Pythons, as demonstrated in the above sketch. And then there were the sit-coms, 'Steptoe And Son', 'Til Death Do Us Part' etc. to which we'll come in due course.

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