Above is a scandalously offensive Derek and Clive take on Jesus, guaranteed to offend even the non-believers. As opposed to the previous two days postings, which were audio only, this shows Cook and Moore in the studio recording the bit. Somehow I find that seeing them do the act, though, lessens its impact. Derek and Clive exist in my mind in a very specific pub, dressed in very specific bad jackets, drinking very specific cheap ales. In actuality, Moore is 'Arthur' and Cook...well, he was Peter Cook. (And to look at the two of them is to be surprised at which one became the movie star.) Cook keeps cracking Moore up, which does nothing to help things as the Derek and Clive of it all is about the dead seriousness with which these two wankers take their conversations. Anyway, dig the routine and try it with and without the video...the difference is quite astonishing.

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