SCTV cast 1981Second City Television is either utterly forgotten by those who only half got it,  or dearly remembered by those who were enamoured with it, beginning with its inception in Canada in the mid seventies and its eventual move to US network TV in the early eighties. When it went network, CBS (think it was them) put them on in some ungodly slot--I believe it was Friday nights beginning at 12:30 AM (thus, Saturday morning). My friends and I never missed it and I recall thinking that the far-too-late hour in which it aired became part of the weird dreamlike surrealism inherent in the show. By the time it was rolling to a close, you were bleary-eyed and punch drunk with laughter and the weirdness of the sketches (and sometime anti-sketches--more than a few were aborted midway through the routine and turned into ruminations on how lousy the sketch was) all seemed to merge. Below is "Battle of the PBS Stars", with Rick Moranis's perfect Dick Cavett impression and Julia Child and Mr. Rogers in a boxing match.

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