Above is an excerpt of the Michael Parkinson/Peter Sellers interview that I recall hearing on the Sunday morning English comedy radio program 'Cynics Choice', which I posted about yesterday. This is the mid-seventies and Sellers is thin, blue-denimed, between heart attacks and on the verge of his 'comeback' movie "Return Of The Pink Panther'. At ten minutes they show a handful of outtakes from several different PP's all of which feature Sellers breaking up for no apparent reason. (He seemed to need to do this compulsively, as if to make himself feel funny). At twelve minutes in he goes introspective, quietly reflecting on the failures of his marriages. He alludes to his affair with Sophia Loren (who denied they ever had an affair) and refers to his second wife and baby-mama Britt Eckland as "Miss Impact". When 'Return Of the Pink Panther" was released (summer '75 I believe) Sellers fame spread to a much younger generation (like me and my ten year old friends) who had, as yet, no knowledge of the Goon Show, Strangelove, Henry Orient or any of the obscurities in Sellers 60s and early 70s filmography. Chauncey Gardner was five years in the future. And then he was gone...

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