Lets close out the year with a spectacularly entertaining half-hour interview with Anthony Burgess, conducted in 1989 on a British show called "Face To Face". If you dig AB as I do, check out the previous two posts. This is one of his best interviews. Burgess is of course erudite, but he's also
sly and quite charming when he wishes to be. I find him more humane in this inteview then in many others--he's alternately charming, defensive, witty, sad, apologetic, touchy and in a confessional mode. The first volume of his memoirs--"Little Wilson and Big God" has apparently just been published and the second (the wonderfully titled "You've Had Your Time") is finished and awaiting publication.(Another Burgess title that I love: "But Do Blondes Prefer Gentlemen?") He talks openly of his fear of death and if it was much on his mind than no wonder; he lived only another three years after this interview.

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