Apropos of last weeks posting of a few numbers from the 1929 musical "Tanned Legs", here's another number from the movie called "Come In The Water". Uh, yeah. Anyway, it's a nifty little ditty but it's the first forty seconds of the clip that I find especially interesting. Basically it's a mini-documentary of what it was like to party down on a crowded beach in the 1920s. Various details to note: the men wore shirts along with their strange semi-short pants and some appear to have socks on as well. Volleyball was already a going thing on the beach (it's always felt to me much more 1960s in spirit). And at thirty seconds in, you'll see a couple frugging, 1920s-style, to unheard music that can only have been in their heads as there were, as yet, no mobile music devices known to man--at least none that operated without electricity. Or was there electricity out there on the beach on that long forgotten but sunny and happy day in 1929? The footage, though verite in spirit, was most likely staged, given the admirably smooth dolly move that opens the mini-sequence. So maybe there was a generator. Or, more likely, a small orchestra off camera providing mood music...

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