Here's one of my favorite SCTV sketches, updating life in the Cleaver household twenty years after 'Leave It To Beaver' went off the air. The sketch cruelly mocks actor Hugh Beaumont's (Beaver's father--played by Joe Flarhety) very public struggle with alcoholism, while making reference to the urban legend that Jerry Mathers (the Beaver, natch) was rumored to have been killed in action in Vietnam. In reality, Mathers became a bank manager and later went into real estate before returning to acting (sort of--there were updated 'Beaver' TV movies apparently, mostly in the 80s). Semi-recently, Mathers appeared in a production of 'Hairspray' (playing the Divine created/Fierstein immortalized/Travolta wrecked mother role? Is it possible? More likely would be the host of the dance show...though I prefer to believe it was the former). Tony Dow, who played older brother Wally, became a TV director which seems to have provoked a case of clinical depression--he's made a series of videos designed to shed light on the disease. Weirdest of all is Ken Osmond who played Eddie Haskell (portrayed here by a truculent Dave Thomas) . He became a cop and did twenty years on the LAPD during which time he apparently was shot up quite a bit. Later he too went back to acting and in the 1997 bigscreen "Leave It To Beaver" played Eddie Haskell Sr. But the most interesting fact about Osmond (at least to me) turns out not have been a fact at all; an urban legend circulated in the 70s that he had become rock star Alice Cooper. Once Cooper put that fiction out of its misery, the next that sprung up was that former Eddie Haskell portrayer Ken Osmond had in fact become John Holmes.

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