Above I've posted more early Howard, this time from the very beginning of his WNBC stint (literally--it's his first day). Dig the nasal delivery. Was that a put-on? Or is his current too-hip-for-blip, too-cool-for-school twang the norm? This is the Howard who I heard in 1984, while driving from New York City to Rhinebeck, NY (where I went to college) discussing the difference between Jewish men's penises and Chinese men's penises. I had never heard anything like this on the radio and neither had anyone else. My friend and I had to pull over to the side of the road to hear the rest of it and recover from our laughter. Context is everything. That was then, this is now and pretty much everyone does that boogie. But there was much more to his shtick than that, as true followers know. Whatever. I cherish the memory and the breakthrough and its shocking, delightful effect that it had upon so many of us.

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