"Rob The Mob" debuted this weekend in New York on one screen and became the weekend's top-earning "specialty film" (which is a term that really means "lets put it on one screen and see if anyone cares"). Fortunately it seems that people do. So Millenium will be expanding the film over the coming weeks. Here's the Deadline quote from Millenium's President Bill Lee:

"Millennium took crime drama Rob The Mob into a single location this weekend. The film, which closed the recent Miami International Film Festival grossed $11,626. Millennium Entertainment noted this from CEO Bill Lee Sunday as it reported numbers: “We’re so pleased and excited about this weekend’s grosses. By going exclusive in NY we were able to hone in on the home-town audience who indeed turned out. This is a great launch for the film. With the support of great reviews, great buzz and great word of mouth we have full confidence that as we expand to LA and Chicago this coming Friday, we will continue to have solid results.”

To change the subject for a moment (while of course keeping the focus on ME ME ME ME ME ME) the excellent website for cinema-lovers "Sound On Sight" has picked up on my 1990 short film "Bronx Cheers" and posted it in two parts. The fact is, youtube works. I posted the film--which has been unseen for many years--just a few months ago and now it's back in the universe again. If you're interested in knowing the backstory as to how the film was made, go here.

To celebrate a great opening weekend, lets look at the most violent scene ever created for a Three Stooges movie. Dig:

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