Dig the "official" music video of "Rob The Mob". This is "Love And The Gun" (or perhaps "Love and a Gun"--we never seem to get it quite clear which it is and I wrote the lyrics for Chrissakes). Stephen Endelman, the film's composer, and I whipped up this ditty to replace a recording by Italian pop diva Mina (pictured belowish, rightish, and who you must check out if you're not already in the club) which we'd temped behind several of the robbery scenes.

It turns out that licensing Mina is about as simple as licensing Barbara Streisand. It's not only utterly unaffordable but the process is far too elaborate--months and months of lawyering (all in Italian of course) and that's assuming that the lawyer's are back from the generous summer holidays that all Europeans gift themselves with each year. Why don't these Diva's get real? They'd benefit from having their music grace more movie soundtracks, wouldn't they? Anyway screw them. The point is that it's probably a good thing that we couldn't get anyone from Mina's team on the phone in that it led to Stephen and I writing an homage.

Equal parts Italian pop, Bond-esque boogie and retro-soundtrack misteriosa, "Love and the Gun" has a lyric that I specifically designed to sound as if it had been written in Italian and translated into English--not an easy gig as I don't speak Italian. The translation back into Italian which you'll hear at several points in the song was accomplished by our terrific singer Tamala D'amico. Dig. Oh, and did I mention that "ROB THE MOB" OPENS IN NEW YORK ON 3/21, IN LA ON 3/28 AND IN OTHER CITIES ON DATES SHORTLY THEREAFTER? I DID? SORRY.

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