The official poster and release date for "Rob The Mob" has been posted on Indiewire. They manage to get most of the information about me wrong (my film "Two Family House" was made in 2000, not 2006 and was as far away from a crime drama as can be--unless you consider the theme of racial intolerance as qualifying it as such). Nonetheless, thank you Indiewire for...uh...posting the poster.

Below I've posted a very good mini-doc (twelve minutes) on the making of "Serpico", the 1973 Al Pacino/Sidney Lumet classic. Lumet talks about the way it was shot (quickly), the pleasure he and Pacino had in working with each other and a bunch of other crap. Why have I posted it? New York in the early 70's was much like NY in the late eighties/early nineties. And young Al and Michael Pitt share certain method instincts--both in performance and in work styles. They also shot at a lot of lousy New York locations, like we did. Thus do I consider "Serpico" an older cousin of "Rob The Mob" and hence the inclusion in today's post of this doc--which has thus far attracted a whopping 700 plus views on youtube.

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