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This past week we held a two-full-days excursion to every location handpicked by our location scout team. These two days were devoted to technical dissections for each location and each scene within each location.
We would get to the location and Raymond would initiate the dialogue with the description of the scene that would take place there, then the many heads of departments would take over and scrutinize each section of the location, jot down measurements, take light readings, piece together the stunt sequences & gather an array of photos on the location for further “dress-up”.

Director Raymond De Felitta addressing crew

Through the process of finding the perfect locations to shoot ‘Rob the Mob’, we came across fascinating neighborhoods that embodied the essence of New York.  From the Italian American “pork stores” of Brooklyn (and their delicious rice balls), to the merengue & salsa- infused streets of The Bronx, and the cemetery-full landscapes of Queens… every one of these neighborhoods holds it’s own aromas, languages and attitudes.

 The jukebox at one of our locations was displaying 'MOB HITS' 
(a tribute to great mob movies)
... coincidence? I don't know...

Many of these seemingly hidden places gave the impression of being timeless, and it transported us to another plane where we can unravel the happenings of the story we are about to tell. ‘Rob the Mob’ will unquestionably bring together the authenticity of New York through its great locations. 

More pics of DAY1 of TECH scout