On Sunday July 15th, Dateline NBC will air a special extended segment devoted to the story we've unearthed and explored in our film "Booker's Place: A Mississippi Story". This is a major bit of business for an indie doc such as ours and we're thrilled that the people at Dateline decided to do it. Of course, NBC aired the original doc that my father made back in 1965 and the producer of the segment, Tim Beecham, knew of my father's film for awhile. Indeed, he pitched Dateline on updating the film for a segment awhile back. But with the emergence of our film and the research that it uncovered about Booker Wright's life and death, the segment became a much bigger story. David Zellerford (producer), Yvette Johnson (Booker's granddaughter) and I went to Mississippi a few months ago to work with Lester Holt and Tim on filming new material specifically for this segment. My father, Frank De Felitta, also will appear in the segment. For a preview of the Dateline segment, click here.

And by the way: "Booker's Place" is incredibly easy to see. You can download it by clicking here.  

Here's a perfectly wonderful TV appearance I did on Steve Abudato's WNET talk show.'

If you're interested in the role that legendary advertising giant Ogily played in the making of our doc (and I know you are) click here to read all about it.

Oh and another thing. Guess what movie (according to IndieWire) is so far rated as the best indie doc (are there any other kind?) of 2012? Click here to find out.

And now for something completely different...

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