"Booker's Place--A Mississippi Story" will premiere internationally at the excellent Hot Docs festival--a Canadian festival that's become the first name in documentary must-see film events.

What else can I say? What can I post? I know. Let's take a trip back in time to my favorite Canadian television show. SCTV was a Canadian sketch comedy show in the 1970's that occasionally leaked into the US on iffy early cable channels. In the late seventies the show went mainstream on NBC (I believe). It aired on Friday nights at midnight and me and several friends--then in high school--made it a ritual to watch it every week. John Candy, Rick Moranis, Joe Flahrety, Eugene Levy, Harold Ramis--the entire cast was brilliant and the sketches truly never missed. That's because when they weren't quite up to par the sketch became being about how the sketch wasn't really up to par. In the three sketches I've posted below you'll see Candy as Johnny LaRue, the fat excercise show host as well as Flahrety and Levy as the brilliant sleaze-show-biz characters Sammy Maudling and Bobby Bittman (Candy plays the sullen Ed McMahon sidekick to Maudlin). But first I've posted one of my favorites, the "120,000 Question"--the story of a sadistic game show host who tortures his contestant.

Thank you Hot Docs for taking our film. And thanks for making me think of some Canadian comedy. I know the connection is tenuous, but just consider it me not being quite up to par.

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