Apparently the editorial department at Warner Brothers prepared a blooper reel every year, most likely for showing at the no doubt drunk and disorderly Christmas party. I rather enjoy the 1949 edition (posted below) for the simple fact that it provides an interesting window on slang and sexual innuendo at the time. A large number of the dropped lines are followed by the exclamation "nuts!" as opposed to the usual "Goddam!" Was this the year of "nuts"? Additionally there are a number of jokes (not really bloopers so much as put-on moments) involving actresses aggressively putting the moves on actors--a new sexually liberated/woman on toppish kind of wind in the air following the spirit of post-war hoopla perhaps? David Niven and the baby is pretty good as is crusty old Lionel Barrymore in a bloop from "Key Largo". And I rather enjoy Danny Kaye's intentional cut-ups--he seems, somewhat like Peter Sellers (see previous post) to need to provoke unplanned laughter in order to get into the mood to provoke planned laughter. More to come...

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