Let's just say I was on summer vacation (which I sort of was if you consider not writing or blogging but meaning to and so feeling stressed every day for not getting anything done a "vacation") and pretend that my utter desertion of this precious slice of the weblog world was, indeed, a temporary manifestation of the so-called "Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer"--a lousy title for a lousy song recorded by the wonderful Nat "King" Cole before his lousy lung cancer death at 45 in the summer of....Christ, somebody stop this endless sentence! Nat?

See? I told you it was lousy.

And now for the main attraction. GUESS WHAT MOVIE IS BEING RELEASED ON DVD ON AUGUST 24th? Yep. "City Island" has now journeyed all the way from idea, past the script stage, through endless financing and casting travails, down the rocky road of the festival circuit, into a theatrical distributor's welcoming arms, through a 22 WEEK THEATRICAL RUN, and now skids to its finale with a superb DVD release. Check out Amazon. Or your local Walmarts, natch. By the way, the above photo is of the French DVD cover...replete with Frenchy writing on the back which I can't make head or tail of.

What will you find on the disc? Well, it's in 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen with Dolby Digital 5.1 sound. Extras include a charming commentary from me and Andy Garcia (at least it felt charming when we recorded it a few months ago in a studio deep in Hollywood...or was it the lunch afterward at Musso and Frank followed by the tour of the historic Capitol Records buidling--courtesy of Andy's long relationship wit them--that left such a charming glow? )There is also a delightful featurette entitled "Dinner With the Rizzos" which features me and the cast (Andy, Julianna Margulies, Dominik Garcia-Lorido, Steven Straight) discussing the film over some pasta and wine (filmed, I might add, at ten AM one morning....and yes we DID eat the pasta and drink the wine...) There are a handful of deleted scenes as well--which make quite interesting viewing if you've seen and enjoyed the film, and of course the theatrical trailer is included.

But that's not all the news--not buy a longshot, buppy. Did you know you could win a free DVD? Check out this link and
see what the hell I'm talking about.

More soon (much sooner than the last time--I'm back now and will be posting regularly through the awards season)....because, after all, it's the awards season and even if "City Island" doesn't grab any awards attention, I'll be taking you through the process of the season step by excruciating step. Meanwhile, here is Andy on Peter Bart and Peter Guber's "In The House"...

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  1. Great Comedy Film The City Island i Watch Movie Free at 10starmovies.com

  2. I'm sorry...you're advertising the opportunity to watch my movie for free ON MY BLOG? Dude, the DVD has just gone into release...and you have the temerity to
    try to get people to come to your crappy blog where you give away movies for free, violating all copyright restrictions and robbing the creators of the films blind...and you do this ON MY BLOG?

    The end of civilization as we know it comes with the abolition of shame...

  3. Hi Raymond,
    Thanks for the updates. City Island is released in the US today. Andy is promoting it and he talked to two radio stations this early morning.
    Here are the links:
    Sports Junkies 1067 the fan 24 Aug 9 am

    Bob Rivers show 24 Aug 2010 6.30 am

    I really like the French DVD cover. They have the masterclass which Andy gave in Deauville 2009 as well as the interviews of you and Andy. I will have to buy that one too.


  4. Great Comedy film..It is the gorgeous film directed by Raymond De Felitta. In fact, I love watching comedy films. It is my favorite time pass forever..
    City Island

  5. Hello Mr. De Felitta,

    First, I love your response to the 'dude' who posted the free link for your movie. And yes, the end is near or should be near for the shameless.

    Secondly, I just finished a review that I'd like to invite you over to read. Congrats on a fine film and an enjoyable respite.

    Rory Dean
    Above the Line:Practical Movie Reviews

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