Behold a welter of publicity for the "CIty Island" DVD. But first behold my newest and absolutely last Salon column about the movie. It truly is a wrap up...and if you read this blog semi-faithfully you may recognize the contents of it.

Now: dig Fandango's "DVD OF THE WEEK".

And don't forget the caption contest from Screen Junkies which awards a three month subscription to Netflix. I have a feeling the boat has already sailed on the contest, but waddahell?

Here's an incredibly stupid mention from something called NBC Chicago Blog which manages to praise the film while getting virtually everything else wrong. "It had trouble finding an audience"? Is that why we were open 24 weeks? "No big name star"...Ladies and Gentleman, may I introduce Mr. Lifetime Achievements Up the Yin-Yang Internationally Celebrated star of thirty plus movies, the iconic Andy "Chopped Liver" Garcia! Oy vey. Chicago, huh?

And the grand state of Oklahoma gets into the act with this quite positive notice.

And now I'll close for the moment. But first, it is with bemused pride that I hereby include a review from today (Friday's)
New York Post by Lou Lumenick of Rob Reiner's new film "Flipped". Mr. Lumenick wonders how this material would have
faired in another director's hands. And who do you suppose that director is?

Oh! And happy birthday to my favorite sax player and simply one of the greatest jazz musicians of the 20th century, Lester Young.

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