CITY ISLAND: $$$$????


Anchor Bay’s “City Island” - starring Andy Garcia and Julianna Margulies - continued to be an under-the-radar success story. Going from 45 to 57 screens, the film grossed $259,000. That made for a 30% increase, seeing its per-theater average actually rise despite a higher screen count ($4,544 vs. $4,422 last weekend). After five weeks, “Island” has taken in $842,858, and should soon become the first $1 million grosser young Anchor Bay’s history.


Our fifth weekend has continued our pattern of successful expansion and I can only say that all of us--the film's makers, producers and distributors--are humbled and thrilled at what is clearly happening. Which is what?

"City Island" is proving itself to be the people's movie. Those of you who followed the making of the film and the long, arduous process of getting it sold and released over the past year, are the true winners here. Your perseverence and non-stop good will and interest were felt in the "air that we breath..." And that attitude seems to have transmuted to the people who are selling out our shows--I keep hearing reports of the theaters being packed and people having to settle for buying advance tickets for the next show.

And for what? A movie about people, families, lies, truth, humanity. And it's not even in three-D! Have an goldstone, Mr. Eggrol, you deserve it.

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Below, a little treat: one of our most "verite" outtakes--Andy Garcia warming up for a scene that seems to be something of a favorite for those that have seen the movie: his "audition" for Martin Scorcese's casting director.

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  1. This movie nailed it. What a fun Sat night to watch with friends. City Island made people in the theater laugh and after we had lots to talk about. The characters were multifaceted as we all are- this is the best movie I've seen all year! Great Bronx Accent Juliana, Andy comes across as sensitive and real, macho but with a huge heart. His sons in the movie are going places for sure!
    Kudos tot he entire cast. Make more like this.

  2. Chemo Cat--thanks for dropping by here and mega thanks for your kind words about the movie--I will certainly try to make a few more along these lines...

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