Click here to view some of the most deeply, persuasively, fabulously hip, slick and hot shots of the dame of all dames, Julianna Margulies. These are from W magazine and are quite something. The accompanying article isn't half bad either.(Rather like that it references this blog and names the names of the actresses who very fortunately turned down the part that became--thank God--Julianna's.)

Guess what? "City Island" is expanding to more screens this weekend (see twitter link on your right--or go to the Facebook page to find out where) with an even more ambitious expansion program planned for the following weekend, 4/30.

And as long are you're killing time reading this silly blog, why not click here and read my new Salon.Com article which posted yesterday? The subject is...oh, hell, if I tell you you probably won't read it. But I promise that its one of my better efforts.

Now for a really shameless plug. Are you a reader based in LA? Doing anything Friday night? No? Well, why not go to a restaurant/jazz club in Sherman Oaks called Spazio's on Ventura Blvd. and here a great jazz vocalist named Janis Mann...accompanied by yours truly on the piano? Yes, I'm diving back into the jazz world (I'll also be at Vibrato, Herb Alpert's club up on Mulholland and Beverly Glen next month) and would be pleased to see a "City Island" fan or near-fan show up and say hi. And don't be scared if you think you don't like jazz: it isn't really like that screeching "free jazz" stuff that people think is jazz...or the Kenny G. stuff that often gets mistaken for jazz. It's wonderful songs from the Great American Songbook--standards--delivered by a superb singer backed by what I sure hope is a more than competent trio.

Here's part one of an interview Andy Garcia did during our Dallas press junket--I just found it and, even though the camera work is strictly hand-held-home-made, it's a very nice, relaxed glimpse of Andy--this is very much what he's like to hang out and jive with over lunch.

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