The week has practically vanished, and so did I. Apologies and whatnot.

Welcome, readers of this mornings terrific LA TImes article which makes some pretty heady predictions for "City Island". We
couldn't be more pleased with John Horn and his Word Of Mouth piece, which describes the gradual groundswell our movie is experiencing. If you're a vet of this little experiment in self-promotion 21rst century-style (i.e. this blog) and don't usually read the LA Times, allow the above link to take you into the world of one of the country's best newspapers.

Want more? Click here to read my latest Salon article--the penultimate one, as I've decided to only post one more which will go up this weekend (so I'm told).

Bored? Interested? Killing time waiting for a bus? Click here to watch a video we made that's going on the DVD extras disc--a conversation (over Italian food, natch) between me and the cast. Present among them are Andy Garcia, Julianna Margulies, Dominik Garcia-Lorido and Steven Strait. Thank you, movieweb, for previewing this. Unless of course you somehow got ahold of it illegally and just threw it up on your site. In which case, thanks anyway--all publicity is good publicity.

Our movie is TRIPLING THE NUMBER OF THEATERS IT'S SHOWING IN. This is all due to the audience of course. And the audience is influenced by what others tell them...and those others began with you, dear blog-followers. Thank you for your existence.

And oh! Happy birthday, Duke Ellington. I believe he'd be turning 111 years of age today. Duke is, to my mind, the greatest composer of the twentieth century as well as one of my three cultural heros. The others are Orson Welles...and you'll have to guess the third.

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