Recent alternative fare entries including Greenberg and Chloe already appear to be losing traction while The Runaways skidded off the cliff. However, the slow, steady build of City Island has been working and the big winner in multis is unquestionably Swedish thriller The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.
Movie City News, 4/4/10

Well all right then. And whatnot. Our next weekend has more theaters being added and can I tell you exactly which ones and where? Certainly not! But go to our fabulously updated theater listings section of our Facebook page and dig.

And have a look at a perfectly lovely review of the film, this from the on-line Big Hollywood site, and written by Carl Kozlowski.

And now lets dip a toe into the production waters of the past. This returns us to the blogs primary purpose--the documenting of the films actual making. Much is made on DVD's these days of deleted scenes. Why are they cut? What would the movie have been like if they'd kept such and such a scene in? (Answer: longer). Usually the director on the DVD commentary explains the reasons for the dropped scene.

But what if the director (in this case I) doesn't even remember the scene?

I just discovered among my copious download filed an utterly forgotten, unposted but fully edited little scene between Ezra Miller and Carrie Baker Reynolds. Where was I when this was shot--in the can? Apparently. Anyway, a cursory glance at my shooting script brings it all back to me now. This scene didn't make it past the first assembly--not due to quality but simply because we streamlined the timeline of the story and this connecting moment no longer was needed to connect anything.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy Denise's "Chocolate Death Cake".

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