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Finally, Anchor Bay’s “City Island” - starring Andy Garcia and Julianna Margulies - continued a promising expansion. Going from 7 to 26 screens, the film grossed $144,000. That made for a whopping 197% increase in grosses, hanging on to a very sizable portion of its per-theater average. After three weeks, “Island” has grossed $256,387, making it the highest grossing film in young Anchor Bay’s history.

Well, what a surprise. The movie continues to pack houses--firsthand reports from San Francisco, Miami, LA and the New York suburbs plus the actual numbers which we received over the weekend point to what appears to be possibly a genuine groundswell--not a movie that is going to be in the top ten, but a movie that is going to stay around a good long time. Who knows, maybe long enough to get into the top ten?

On Box Office Mojo we've jumped from #41 (on three screens) to #32 on ten. And many more are coming.

By the way, did anybody bother reading A.O. ("they call me Tony!") Scott's sad little piece in the New York Times yesterday? Bemoaning how film criticism just doesn't matter anymore? And what does he base this on? Apparently he got booted from his Ebert-esque television show due to low ratings. Oy vey. These critics wouldn't last an hour in the real world if they were obliged to stick there neck out, like creative people do, and very possibly get it chopped off. What if every filmmaker wrote a self-serving piece explaining away the failure of their latest venture? And what if the fast-fading New York Times gave each one front page Arts and Leisure space on Sunday?

But all is not too dark with the New York Times. Click here to read the readers reviews of "City Island"--almost unanimous in their praise, it makes one wonder which movie "Tony" (see above) saw..

And my new Salon column posted this morning. I'm really digging writing these columns--especially now that I've more or less run out of material from this blog to recycle and so am forced to actually dig deep and do some more...writing. BTW, dig the first comment on the thread--a wonderfully spiteful spewl of invective from somebody who, um, just isn't that into us...notwithstanding this, the comments and response have thus far been helpful and supportive.

Apropos the new Salon piece (which is about the controversy that briefly surrounded the posting of outtakes on this blog while we were shooting), from the archive:

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