A gracious good Monday to all of you dear ones who are back for more production madness. Before I go any further, let me urge you to check out the City Island Facebook page, where there's info on a screening tomorrow night (Tuesday) in Los Angeles.

And guess whose second column posted this morning on Salon.Com? Yes, I am now no longer exclusive to myself--the very prestigious Salon.com is letting me mouth off for the next few weeks about--guess what subject? Yeah. My movie. Well, at least I've found a niche. Greetings to any of you here for the first time who found us via Salon.

Click on the above photo to observe the call sheet for day three of the shoot. It appears that we worked outside and inside--filming Vince (Andy Garcia) and Vinnie Jr. (Ezra Miller) talking on the porch, as well as the family screaming match that results from Vince bringing his long lost son Tony (Steven Strait) home from prison. I remember being electrified by how radically far both Andy and Julianna Margulies went with the scene--they cut loose and tore each other apart as only a long married Italian-American couple can. It also appears that we shot a scene of where Tony and Vince park in front of the house and have a conversation in the car. Four and four-eighths pages--typical of our pace and not really that outrageous an amount. Unless your Antoine Fuqua, who I imagine shoots the four-eighths and leaves the other four pages to be incrementally gathered over the course of the coming weeks. Filmmakers know the style of fimmaking they grow up in: someone like Fuqua, whose from the music video world, is used to taking plenty of time and often not shooting much at all if things aren't looking just right. Somebody like me who came up in indie film knows only one mantra: MAKE THE DAY. No matter what, I get the scenes shot and usually don't work more than twelve hours. Honestly, I wouldn't sleep well knowing I'd shot only a portion of what was listed on the call sheet (not that I sleep all that well during a shoot anyway...)

Below is a clip that includes a scene we shot on day three--it's the second half of the scene where Vince goes outside and talks to his son Vinnie Jr. Enjoy!

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