Day Six of our shoot--our first Friday--was a late call, 11:30 AM according to the above call sheet. This allowed us to work into the evening, shooting some night stuff involving Ezra Miller, Steven Strait and Julianna Margulies. During the day, however, we shot several scenes outdoors--and a lovely day to be out of doors shooting it was. Scene 92 involved Andy Garcia and Steven Strait working together in the yard--Vince (Andy) having brought Tony (Steven) home on the pretext of helping him convert a boatshed into a guesthouse. Later in the day, we made another scene--A99--between the two in which Vince confesses his secret desire to be an actor. Here's a still of a rehearsal of scene A99, shot before lunch (served at dinnertime due to the call) in the late afternoon:

And here's a bona fide outtake from Sc. 92, which appears to have been the first thing shot that day. Enjoy. And by the way, if you want to see Andy Garcia on Jimmy Kimmel last night, go to our Twitter feed (right column upper of this page) and click on the link.

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  1. That is one of my very favorite outtakes you've ever given us. So much fun :) The picture is great too. This behind the scenes tidbits are very interesting.

  2. If you are outside the US and want to watch Andy in the Jimmy Kimmel TV show, please go to:
    The video clips will only be there for a few days and after that only people from the US can see them, same as in youtube.

    Moviejungle has new productions photos of City Island.

    www.moviejungle.com and search for City Island.


  3. Just wanted to mention that I saw a clip of this scene it looks like you were filming here:


    Can't wait to see more of Steven and Andy in the movie!