Before I continue with the sinister saga of shooting "City Island", let me lay on you the cities and theaters the movie will be opening in. As I've mentioned before this will be a slow roll out, starting in NY and LA on the 19th then moving to eight more cities the second weekend. If people like the movie, more theaters will be added in these cities and then more cities (and suburbs) will be added. Viz:

Theater Name City State Circuit Name Playdate

THE LANDMARK 12 (WESTSIDE PAVILION) Los Angeles CA Silver Cinemas Inc (Landmark) 3/19/2010
ANGELIKA FILM CENTER 6 New York NY City Cinemas 3/19/2010
LANDMARK CENTURY CENTRE 7 Chicago IL Silver Cinemas Inc (Landmark) 3/26/2010
LANDMARK KENDALL SQUARE CINEMA 9 Cambridge MA Silver Cinemas Inc (Landmark) 3/26/2010
RITZ AT THE BOURSE Philadelphia PA Silver Cinemas Inc (Landmark) 3/26/2010
LANDMARK EDINA 4 CINEMA Minneapolis MN Silver Cinemas Inc (Landmark) 3/26/2010
LANDMARK BRIDGE THEATER San Francisco CA Silver Cinemas Inc (Landmark) 3/26/2010
REGAL SOUTH BEACH 18 Miami Beach FL Regal Cinemas 3/26/2010
ANGELIKA FILM CENTER - MOCKINGBIRD 8 Dallas TX City Cinemas 3/26/2010
CUMBERLAND 4 Toronto ON Cineplex/Alliance 3/26/2010

Now that we're done with that, a moment for our mantra: "City Island" is the people's movie. If you like what you're reading here and are intrigued by what we're doing, or if you've seen the movie and enjoyed it, please send this link to ONE FRIEND. Of course it would help if that friend was in one of the cities mentioned above, but the hell with that! We're just spreading oodles of joy and good will. By doing so, presumably, the movie will actually open everywhere. Check the sidebar--the right side of this blog--for links to the movies website and Facebook page. And send those to your one friend as well. Now bring on the call sheet...

Day five, according to the above clickable-to-enlarge call sheet, involved another non-event with the threatened rains. It also involved setting up in the afternoon for the mother of all dinner table fight scenes (pictured above--click that one too!) We shot what is for me the best scene in the movie in a couple of hours with two cameras rolling and we exposed a shitload of film. I hesitate to even resuscitate the production report which, as I recall, provoked howls of horror from the bond company (we shot thousands of feet of film for the scene...and what the hell of it? How else are you supposed to cover a five person dinner table scene?) Here's the Production report filed that night.

Big deal--ten thousand feet. Sounds like any normal movie to me. Sort of. Though for some magical reason, it was considered three times the amount of film per day that we were supposed to be "allotted". Nonsense. The scene is many people's favorite in the movie and we wouldn't have gotten it any other way. Film is the single cheapest thing on a movie anyway, so why everyone gets so freaked out about exposing it is beyond me. Maybe I've finally stumbled upon a good reason for shooting tape: nobody cares how much of that stuff you waste...

Before we got to that mosnter scene, however, we work working outside (as you can see from the above clickable schedule of scenes) and that the the big news on day five was a visit from Radio Man, a New York institution (for some reason) who pays a visit, via his bike, to every movie set in the city. Dig:


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