Dearest readers, followers and City Island hounds--

Profuse apologies for the pause in the on-line book about the making of our movie. It seems that I got preoccupied with a staged reading of my musical "Buddy's Tavern" (adapted from my movie "Two Family House"). And very well it went, too. But that was the past four days for me and today I fly back to LA fron New York, so this pause button will be on hold until tomorrow. Meanwhile:

Click here to check out the superb placement of our movie on Apple I-tunes movie trailers. Top right module, first row thumbnail. Nice.

And go to Hulu and rate the trailer--it looks to me like we're only a star away from having their top rating.

Has anyone noticed on the comments page the proliferation of unbelievably annoying spam? Though some of it is quite amusing in an Ionesco kind of way, I think it's mostly an annoyance and no doubt due to the twitter stream appearences of the blogs address. As a result I'll be blocking anonymous commentors--but please, all you good people named "anonymous", don't stop commenting! Just pick a screen name and let's get back to business as usual.

"City Island" opens in six weeks. Spread the word by forwarding a link to the movies website or facebook page (links available in the column to your right).

I'll see you tomorrow with more of the tale. Meanwhile, perhaps Jerry Lewis really can sing...

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