Tomorrow begins our virtual production history, a complete day-by-day account of the filming of "City island", featuring call sheets, production stills, behind the scenes clips, outtakes, angry e-mails and other ephemera. If you are enjoying this blog, do me and "City Island" a favor: e-mail it to a friend. Hell, e-mail it to your whole address book! Or send someone you love a link to our Facebook page. Cuddly thought, that.

Click here to read a wonderfully enthusiastic review of the movie from a blog called whatchuckthinks. Not sure how he saw it and not sure I want to know. Downloads are a fact of life these days but if they provoke enthusiasm like this, they're worth the lost income...

And dig our sexy placement on Fandango. Featured! Saturday night! Not sure what this means! But I love the exposure!

And Hulu's exclusive clip, titled "Before We Met" and posted here, ain't exactly hay! Whatever that means!

Enough. Tonight I'm joining Andy Garcia and Julianna Margulies for the Lincoln Center Film Society screening of the movie at the Walter Reade theater (we're introducing the movie). Tmorrow production "begins" again--on the blogside, that is. Tune in early, often and daily. I'm hoping the next 28 days doesn't provoke too many middle of the night flashbacks.

Oh--what did I do the day before the first day of principal photography? Easy. I went to the set with the actors who were working the next day and walked though the days work. You see, actors for the most part work a lot more than directors do. And the first day on a movie is usually a rusty one for me. Getting adjusted, getting sea legs back (whatever they are!), trying to get things relatively together and not appear a quivering mass of nerves, uncertainties and distractions...all of these things are familiar feelings to most directors on day one. So walking though the days work with the actors--very privately--allows me to sleep decently the night before. And it averts a soul-crushing first day of argument, contradiction and power plays...not that we had any of that crap on our movie, but the potential is always there lurking...

Dig the below clip--a press conference we did for the film in Deauville this past fall. The stunningly handsome blonde boy who comes out on the stage at 47 Seconds is my son Lorenzo. Andy Garcia had been announced, but Andy told Lorenzo to go in his place. After Andy held him up for the crowd to see, Lorenzo got his first glimpse of seeing what its like to be an object of interest to the papparazzi. I'm sorry to say that the experience was a positive one. He now wants to be a performer.

See you bright and early for day 1...

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