Okay, so trailer-wise we were off a couple of days. Don't sue me, sue Yahoo whose page didn't refresh. Never mind, don't sue anyone. All is forgiven. Click here to see our awesome trailer in HD.

The making of City Island continues Monday. I'll tell the story of how we finally got our cast and financing together and began shooting. On February 1, I'll begin a 27 day blogathon which will cover the 27 days of the films shoot--using old blogposts with production stills, reports, call sheets (assuming I can find them) and clips of outtakes. By the end of February we'll be done with the shoot and onto post-production and through March I'll cover the circuitous route the film took on its way to winning the Tribeca Film Festival Audience Award and finally wending its way into theaters on March 19th of this year. As of March 19th, we'll be in "reel time"--(pun, not misspelling). That is, you'll be experiencing the reception and fate of the movie live, along with me.

Join me on this journey and please send this post to any friends anywhere in the world who you think will enjoy it. "City Island" is the people's film--it requires readers like yourself to support it and give it the oxygen it needs to survive in todays mephitic marketplace. It's success will be your success--for helping get the word out.

Enjoy the trailer--and pass it on. Meanwhile, just because my son is digging Soupy Sales these days...

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