Above is an image from "The Longest Night"--an evening where we shot the entire climax of the movie (eleven pages
of script) using three cameras and going from 6PM to 6AM, or whenever the sky began to turn blue with the rising sun. The scene is a cathartic explosion of family truths and lies and was originally scheduled to be shot over two nights. But I felt that it was such a dynamic, crazed, explosive scene that it would benefit from being done in one mad rush--a nutty kind of decision (most directors don't ask to have their page count doubled...) And I think it worked--we got the whole scene and in my opinion it couldn't work better. Don't forget to click the above to enlarge. Why not make it your screensaver?

On the far right, back to camera wearing the trench coat, is Emily Mortimer. Julianna Margulies can be seen left, in profile under the sign that ominously reads "End". Back to camera, in the bathrobe, is Dominik Garcia-Lorido, who plays Andy's daughter...in the movie and in real life. Much of our crew is pictured in the background. The only person missing, in fact, seems to be me. I was probably in the can, hence the reason everyone is waiting around.

Thanks for the enthusiastic comments to the last post--yes, there is a screening tonight (Wednesday) in Pasadena but I didn't bother to alert anyone since its invitation only and I'm not even sure who's been invited. Many more word of mouth screenings are planned and I'll let you know about them.

Actually Dan, the trailer managed to avoid every single one of the cliches you mentioned. But it's not too late to go back and screw it up--thanks for the ideas!

Since the Julianna M/ Steven S. clip went over so well, here's more of them--self-slating since they were "driving" on a process trailer (in others words not really driving) but there was not room in the car for a camera assistant to smack the sticks. I'll let you know how the Pasadena screening went. Assuming I can find my way to Pasadena...

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