Who knew? "City Island" not only has made it Poland, Brazil and Russia without so much as a "thank you" from the international distributors to the filmmakers, but now we seem to be something of hit in Tel Aviv. Thanks to a lovely man who found me on Facebook, I've been made aware of our films positive reception--and "O" as I'll call him also enjoyed it along with his wife. This thrills me . For the movie to work outside of the Eastern Tri-State New York kind of nabe is terribly exciting. Initially, O wrote me to tell me that:

My spouse and I have just seen City Island today here in Israel and it was absolutely brilliant!!! The crowed was laughing hysterically from the very beginning in a way seldom seen in none-Hangover type movies and people were discussing it all the way to the parking lot. The endless fightings around the dinner table, the secret smoking and the BBW (!?) parts were hilarious but I personally find Andy Garcia's audition scene to be one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time.

After we made personal contact (i.e. "face off on facebook") I asked about how he found out about the movie and how it was
being advertised, distributed etc. Take it, O:

Surprisingly, unlike most movies, the local distributor didn't translate the movie's title to some weird Hebrew name, but kept it as the original, just in Hebrew letters. At the top, it states the movie won the Audience Award at the Tribeca film festival. Up on the right, it says the movie is being distributed by Shapira Films (or Shapira Movies).
The movie premiered on Thursday (August 20) and as far as I can tell is shown in 9 cinemas, including the two leading complexes - Cinema City and Yes Planet, both in the greater Tel Aviv area. As far as press coverage - I haven't really seen too much of it. There was an interview with Andy Garcia on Pnai Plus, a sort of entertainment magazine, but I believe we'll see more of this in the coming week. I actually didn't hear about the movie until last week, when my gf won two tickets to see it as part of a special screening organized by Walla, one of Israel's leading websites -http://www.facebook.com/l/;special.walla.co.il/cityisland/
Walla is doing this kind of thing once or twice a month and I think it's a great way to spread the word on new movies, since I mostly trust my friends' recs and not the media's.

So now we know. BIG TIME THANKS to O, our man in Tel Aviv. I'd dearly love to hear from anyone who saw the movie in Russia or Brazil (aside from the Brazillian guy who found me on Facebook and told me to cut the last five minutes of the movie--go make yer own movie, fer chrissakes!) Meanwhile, a nod to my ancestry-a lovely old recording made ninety years ago by the Original Dixieland Jazz Band called "Palesteena". This was America's notion of the 'homeland' as Jewish people like my grandparents poured into the American cities and began to make their lives here. What's that? Yeah, I'm Jewish. Me. De Felitta. You wanna make something of it?

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  1. Well big thanks to "o" for giving some details. Let us know if he has anything more to share! I'm living vicariously through all this lucky people who've seen the movie. I'd especially like to see any promotion that might turn up for the movie. I really hope Anchor Bay starts to do some promotion soon...I just want a little nibble :). And I'd love to hear more stories about your wonderful cast that's bringing your obviously very funny and enjoyable movie to life!

  2. hello again,

    glad to see a major update on the subject. continuing from my previous comment - i was a little ahead of myself, as on the day the movie came out i noticed quite a lot of promotion (banners in sites, adverts in magazines etc), which is lovely to see.
    also, i checked out some reviews, and they were all 3-4 stars (that's out ot 5, but 5 is pretty rare...) and generally very positive. most mentioned were the great acting and the careful honest interlocking of comedy and drama, if i may phrase it like that :)

  3. It is great to hear that City Island has been released in Israel. Any news for other Asian cities? Just checked the official Deauville Film Festival website and City Island will be screened on 11 Sept.
    Will you travel with Andy to France? I am really looking forward for more news on that film festival. I read that Andy will give a talk there too. Wish I could be there. With such a good response from the audience in the test screening in New Jersey, will Anchor Bay consider to release the movie earlier so that it will be qualified for Oscar nominations?

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  5. As well as Andy presenting City Island at the Deauville festival they will also be showing five of Andy's previous films. These are:Godfather 3, Night falls on Manhattan,Ocean's Eleven,Modigliani and The Lost City.
    Thanks for the information about City Island in Israel. Glad to hear that people like it there. I e-mailed Anchor Bay here in Australia and the reply from them is that it will not be released until sometime next year. Not sure I can wait that long.

  6. I think it's a shame that people all over the world are enjoying "City Island" and that no one from City Island has had a chance to see it. How about a special screening for the community that made it all possible!

  7. loved the movie
    not often do i cry and laugh so hard in the same movie
    what can you tell us about the music and soundtrack?

  8. BBB--hold tight! City Islanders will indeed be seeing the movie at a special screening. Not sure of a date yet but you can be damn certain this blog will flog said
    screening hard!

    The soundtrack? Well, the original score is by Jan Kaczmyrak (he also did the music for "Finding Neverland" and "The Visitor") and, as i always do, I used a handful of great jazz/soul recordings. An old Tony Bennett single called "One Lie Leads To Another" is on the soundtrack as are two songs from the inimitable Staples Singers--"Heavy Makes You Happy" and the song that ends the movie "Be What You Are". Also a great Ramsey Lewis jazz version of the Theme from Carmen. Hopefully we'll have a CD of the whole shmeer in time...

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