Below I've pasted today's Hollywood Reporter piece. My producer Lauren Versel tells me that today last year was the first day of pre-production on the movie. What a cycle...

Anchor Bay sails to 'City Island'
Picks up rights to the dramedy from Raymond De Felitta
By Steven Zeitchik
June 18, 2009, 09:32 PM ET
Anchor Bay is taking a trip to "City Island."

The Overture sister company has picked up all rights in the U.S., U.K., Australia and New Zealand to the Tribeca Film Festival breakout from writer-director Raymond De Felitta.

Paradigm packaged and repped rights to the pic, which stars Andy Garcia, Julianna Margulies and Emily Mortimer in a dramedy about a family on the quiet island off the New York coast.

The movie centers on a repressed corrections officer (Garcia) who harbors acting dreams but who gets caught in a series of misunderstandings when he brings home his secret adult son from a previous marriage to live with his family. The film's centerpiece is a riff from Garcia in which he auditions for a role in a Martin Scorsese movie.

Drawing the tag of a New York "Little Miss Sunshine" from media at Tribeca, "Island" was a crowd-pleaser at the festival, scoring its audience award.

De Felitta and Garcia also produced the movie, while the actor's real-life daughter Dominik Garcia-Lorido starred as his onscreen progeny. Lucky Monkey Pictures' Lauren Versel and FilmSmith's Zachary Matz also produced, while Paradigm's Andrew Ruf negotiated the deal on behalf of the filmmakers.

Anchor Bay plans on a platform release in late '09 or early '10, with a wider rollout to follow.

"We're definitely going to take risks with it, start small and grow it wide," Anchor Bay president Bill Clark said. "Everyone who sees the film loves it, so we think we can capture a broad audience."

Anchor Bay, which is a division of Liberty Media's Starz unit, recently launched a theatrical unit to complement its home video business. The company also has picked up the Ashton Kutcher Sundance drama "Spread," which it plans on releasing in August, and overall aims to release eight to 10 theatrical movies a year.

Thanks fellas. Now dig the ABC color presentation logo, below...

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  1. That was very well written.

  2. I hope you got a key man clause on the deal, after what you wrote about Two Family House it would be nice to know that you can count on the people who bought your new film being there when its released.

    Never heard of any of the producers of your film (except for Andy Garcia of course) so who the hell are they? And why are there so many of them? How many of them does it take to screw in a lightbulb? To screw anything?

    But seriously, you seem like a good kid and I hear you got a great picture there so all the best with it.



  3. Yeah! I am so happy Raymond! I can't wait to see this!!!

  4. This is what makes parts of artistic endeavors rotten (key man
    clause) and the likes. But this
    stuff is necessary but very distracting to the creative process.That is why a lot of artistic people get taken over,we
    know art others know money.But in the end who wins? Ah to each his own. ciao

  5. Delighted beyond words to hear this, Raymond. Big congrats to everyone.

    Would write more, but it's Friday night at the end of week three on an equally challenging and rewarding film endeavor with the equally inimitable John Mitchell.

    I am the most fortunate woman in the world.

  6. Raymond, do you have a preference when the movie should be released? What are your thoughts on that?

  7. I am so happy to hear of the deal,Raymond. I am especially happy to read the part that mentions Australia. I let out a big cheer when I read that part.
    After waiting so long to hear about the deal I guess we now wait even longer to see it in theatres.
    I like the idea of Anchor Bay and City Island. They seem to go very well together. A good omen I would say.