Welcome to a brand new day on this weblog--the countdown to the official US premiere of "City Island" at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 26th.

I will be posting every day between now and then--not this shilly-shallying couple of times a' week stuff that I've fallen into of late. Furthermore, I'll be posting stuff YOU WANT TO SEE! (Sorry but couldn't resist the hyperbole). I'll have stills, clips from the movie, insider stories and, when I don't, the usual crap I like to post (clips of forgotten old tv shows, movies etc).

Why this sudden awakening? What possesses me? Simple. I NEED TO SELL THIS MOVIE. And this is no small task in the current Post-Bush, Post-Hollywood, Post-Wall Street, Post-Money, Post-Business, Post-Entertainment, Post-Cultural landscape we are all quietly drowning in. Making a movie like "City Island"--an independent project nurtured by its writer/director for years and made because of the belief and support of people like Andy Garcia and my principal producing partners Lauren Versel and Zachary Matz--isn't the whole game; SELLING the damn thing is now the mission.

I've been delighted by the readership that I've attracted--I had a feeling that the progress of the making of a film might be interesting to some people but was surprised at how heavy our hits were during the actual production. So now I'm inviting whoever is out there who is still interested into the next most intense phase of this process; HOW THE HELL WE'RE GOING TO GET THIS FILM OUT INTO WORLD. As I said, I will be posting every day, sharing the intense activity that is now accumulating around the movie's future.

Here's step one: years ago there was a mysterious phenomenon known as the "chain letter"--it usually arrived in the mail unmarked and promised to bring you good luck if you passed it on to ten people and ill luck if you ignored it. My mother disapproved of this and told me to always throw them away. So it is with a certain amount of chagrin that I find myself participating in a viral mock-up of precisely the same idea--minus, of course, the "ill luck" thing:

If you are interested in my movie and would like to participate in helping us achieve our goal of getting it out to the audience it deserves,PLEASE E-MAIL THIS BLOG ENTRY TO TEN OF YOUR FRIENDS. I know our readers come from all corners of the earth and I'm delighted by the globality of it all; but if you happen to have friends in the New York area I would appreciate your making them your primary targets as I'm hoping to get people to buy tickets to our screenings at Tribeca. And if you don't know anybody in New York, that's okay too--maybe they'll take a roadtrip to the greatest city in the world to see our movie! Just tell whoever you think might be interested about our mission and its daily progress. If nothing else, they might enjoy my occasional rantings and postings of musical acts from "Hullabaloo".

Once people start seeing the movie, I'm hoping to encourage them to text an as-yet unknown number to leave (hopefully) enthusiastic comments--this will be of real help in convincing the currently timid distribution companies that we've made a film that will be a real crowd-pleaser.

And "City Island" is that. I know nobody reading this (except JC and a few crew members) have seen the film and I appreciate your taking my egotistical rantings on faith; but the reason I've put more work, love, hope and enthusiasm into this movie than anything else I've ever done is because it really is my ultimate statement on what I think of life; that we're all trapped by fear, enraptured by life, and--if we rise to the occasion--capable of change and ever deeper love at the oddest moments of our lives. The message of "City Island" is that its never too late to change and never too late to discover who you really are.

By the way, the movie's also really funny.

In addition to posting some clips of the movie, I'll be reaching into the grab-bag of stuff we posted this past summer during the making of the film. I apologize to you faithful readers for repeating material but this is for the edification of those new readers who I'm hoping you will be generous enough to introduce me too. Also, what the hell else am I going to post? I hope a few of you (or more) will join me on this new-world adventure and I appreciate any and all help, support and comments that you may have. Let's roll...

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  1. Wow, I'm really excited. I've been following this blog since this summer and really enjoyed the daily posting. I will certainly be on board for this new stuff and I will promote it to all! I would love to be there for the film festival and am actually still trying to figure out a way to wrangle it, so cross your fingers for me :)

  2. Me again, if I would happen to be able to swing this..any suggestions for someone who has never been to NYC on where to fly in and where to stay that's near the area?

  3. Raymond I admire you for all of your
    energy Bravo

  4. This is great! I'll be happy to read any and all reports about the movie and see the new stills and videos. If you do post some of the old stuff, is it possible to post some of the videos that were taken down early on? Thanks!

  5. Hi Raymond,
    Being a big fan of Andy Garcia's I have been following the progress of City Island since the beginning. As I live in Australia I don't know anyone in the US I can e-mail. If you have any ideas how I can help with getting the message out there please let me know.
    From all I've seen and read so far I am sure this is a great film and surely people out there want to see entertaining films. Hopefully word of mouth from those who will be lucky enough to see it will be helpful. I am just crossing everything I can cross(and some others)that the film will be shown here in OZ.
    Good luck at Tribeca,I am looking forward to all the reports.
    Also for those interested Andy has his birthday on April 12th and I am sure Andy will be in there helping with promotion.

  6. Hi Raymond,

    I sent an email to your website's address. Hope you will get it. Good luck with City Island! I wish I could be in New York to see the movie again and check out all the locations for City Island. Though I have seen the movie twice, I would like to see it again in a cinema with a big screen. The screening room in Filmart was just basic.

    One more question, did you compose any music for this movie as I saw "Movies 'Til Dawn" at the end credit.

  7. Thanks for the enthusiastic response everyone.

    Anon: in terms of coming to New York, it's as easy as flying to Kennedy Airport, La Guardia or Newark N.J. And I don't think any city has more ample accomodations. Tribeca is in downtown New York so you may wish to narrow your search to hotels in the SoHo or Greenwich Village or Tribeca area. I admire your ambition in thinking of joining us.

    I will look into putting up some of the early stuff that was taken down in those long-forgotten early days of shooting.

    Di--the film will certainly eventually show up in Oz. Please don't worry about where your friends live--just send out the blog link and we'll let the global chips fall where they may.

    JC--Got you e-mail, thanks so much. What I did was pull a track off my "Movies Til Dawn" CD and use it as background source music for one of the scenes thereby saving a few bucks in not having to pay somebody for a new song.

    Keep reading...

  8. As another who has seen the movie, I can vouch for its fabulosity - OK, I am totally biased, but it's still true! :)

    Oh, those dinner table scenes... so funny I nearly busted a gut laughing. And the end is both sweet and profound.

    For anybody who's on the fence - get thee to Tribeca!!

  9. Ahhhh! I am so envious of those of you who have seen it! :-) I admit it, I wish someone would write a big, spoiler-filled review detailing every single thing about the movie down to the last minutiae. I would still watch it at the theater of course, but I am really quite the spoiler freak!

  10. Oh this selling is without doubt a daunting task. That folks who care about this film for one reason or another can really help launch it in tangible ways is awe inspiring.

    Want folks to take note of the video Raymond's embedded in this post. Note the silence as Andy prepares for the scene. Crews are rarely so quiet, and this was a very 'live' acoustic space, so any little sound is magnified.

    Andy had been working very hard all week, and we all knew it. This particular emotional roller coaster of a scene required everything of Mr. Garcia to get it right. The crew is uncharacteristically quiet out of respect for his process. So glad this video exists to document that gift.